I love screens in a room and I especially love the mirrored one pictured below.

Interior Design by Candace Barnes, Veranda (October 2011)

Candace Barnes decorated this master bedroom, bath and dressing room for Veranda’s first concept home in Los Angeles (October 2011 issue). I once saw a similar screen in a local antique store and visited it two or three times without purchasing it. I was afraid it might not withstand the enthusiasm of my exuberant household. (Remember the Brady Bunch episode in which Bobby states, “Mom always says, don’t play ball in the house . . .”) When I finally decided the screen was too wonderful to pass up, it was gone. Lesson learned: if you absolutely love something, don’t wait. You may lose it.

Interior design by Babs Watkins.
I like the way the gold in the screen picks up the gold elements throughout the room.

My favorite rooms have a classical quality.

Interior design by Stephen Brady of Williams-Sonoma Home. House Beautiful.
I like the idea of hanging pictures on a fabric screen. Note the copy of I Married Adventure, the book on the side table that makes regular appearances in interior photos due to its zebra cover.

 Interior design by Kay O'Toole. Veranda.
Another picture hanging on a fabric screen.

Interior design by Stephen Sills. Elle Decor (June 2012).
The photograph below shows the screen in better detail.

 Interior design by Stephen Sills. Elle Decor (June 2012).

Interior design by Bill Ingram.


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