One might think that the only place for medicine in a home is in the medicine cabinet, but that is not true, as the following photos attest. Antique pharmacy cabinets can be used to store towels and enhance beauty in a guest bathroom. Chemistry beakers and medical lithographs add interest to interiors. Pills and nurses appear in museum-caliber art. Old medical lamps and pharmacy signs gain new life in New York homes, and historic hospital beams become floors in restored barns. Take a look . . . 

Medicine cabinet art by Damien Hirst.
Interior design by Richard Hallberg.
Architecture by William Hablinski.
Photographed and produced by Miguel Flores-Vianna.
"Oasis of Artistry" written by Linda Sherbert.
Veranda (September 2011). 

"Lake Resort Nurse by Richard Prince hangs in the dining room, on a wall lacquered peacock-blue. [David] Kleinberg designed the dining table and collaborated on the ceiling light with artist Sharon M. Louden; the hide rug is from Beauvais Carpets."
Manhattan apartment designed by David Kleinberg.
Photography by Eric Piasecki.
Text by Mitchell Owens.
Produced by Carlos Mota.
Architectural Digest (June 2011). 

"The reading light is from a French hospital. The daybed and screen were made by 
Martin Albert Interiors to fit the space across the fireplace. Cowtan and Tout's chinoiserie toile, Siam, defines the area, and its sepia tone lends a softness to the black-and-white palette."
Ellen O'Neill's 450-square-foot studio in Gramercy Park, New York City. 
Interior design by Ellen O'Neill.
Photography by Thomas Loof.
Interview by Carol Prisant.
House Beautiful (July - August 2010). 

"In the dining room, a circa-1910 fireplace surround, chairs from Provence, and a '20s mirror; the prints are by Piranesi; the flooring was originally beams in a Civil War hospital in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Sag Harbor Gray." 
11,000-square-foot "live and work space" of Andrea Filippone and William Welch created in New Jersey from four old barns. The couple owns Tendenze Design.
Photography by William Waldron.
Styled by JC Garcia-Lavin.
Text by Nancy Haas.
Elle Decor (May 2012).

"The light fixture is by Visual Comfort and Co., and the 1920s armchairs are French. A Knox Martin print hangs above the original mantel, and the vintage zinc [pharmacy] sign was found at the Brimfield, Massachusetts flea market."
Living room of Jaime Jimenez and Quinn Pofahl's home in Southampton, New York. 
Photography by Jason Schmidt.
Styled by Noemi Bonazzi.
Text by Kate Betts.
Elle Decor (July - August 2012).

"Gleaming silver tones enhance the room's old world elegance. An antique mirror propped behind the burnished cast-iron Candid tub from Waterworks reflects a vintage pharmacy cabinet [from Scott Antique Market]." 
Guest bathroom in designer Betty Lou Phillips's French-style Dallas, Texas home.
Photography by Nathan Schroder.
Interview by Julia Lewis.
House Beautiful (March 2011).

"Stock medical cabinets store glassware and china" in a butler's pantry.
Interior design by Sally Markham.
Photography by Pieter Estersohn.
"Casual Comfort in Greenwich, CT" by Christine Pittel.

"Interior and still-life stylist" Juan Carlos Garcia-Lavin claims to be a minimalist, but "he has managed to amass a surprisingly impressive haul of flea-market paintings, chemical beakers, and 20th-century medical lithographs exploring the inner workings of the human body. 'My mother worked in a pharmacy, and I was always fascinated by anything medical,' [he] explains." Bisazza glass-mosaic tile.
Photography by Simon Upton.
"A painted screen and midcentury laboratory beakers in the entry; the French mirror and Chinese opium chest are from the 19th century."
Manhattan apartment of antiques dealer Liza Sherman.
Photography by Simon Upton.
Text by Kathleen Hackett.
"The Art of Assemblage" produced by Anita Sarsidi.
Elle Decor (November 2011).


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