A knowledge of the history of treillage and an appreciation of its practical application to modern needs is a conjurer's wand - you can wave it and create all sorts of ephemeral constructions that will last your time and pleasure. You may give your trellis any poetic shape your vision may take. You may dream and realize enchanting gardens, with clipped hedges and trellis walls. You may transform a commonplace porch into a gay garden room, with a few screens of trellis and many flower boxes of shrubs and vines. Here indeed is a delightful medium for your fancy!
Elsie de Wolfe, The House in Good Taste (New York: The Century Co., 1913). 
Source: Project Gutenberg.
Sara Ruffin Costello shared a photo of her beautiful trellised garden room in her article Bring the Garden Inside With a Trellis Room (Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2013)
Photo: Paul Costello for Wall Street Journal.

Ms. Costello wrote that - while planning her own trellised space - she visited the garden room of retired advertising executive Peter Wolf, a fellow transplant to New Orleans. Mr. Wolf's home was featured in the May 2013 edition of Architectural Digest:

"The wall treatment in the garden room was inspired by designer Elsie de Wolfe's early-1900s trellised spaces; the lantern is from Mac Maison, the custom-made sofa and pillows are by Le Decor Francais, the painting of a heron in flight is by Simon Gunning, and the oil painting of Colbert is by Paul Clemens. The staircase, softened with a leopard-print runner by Stark, is decorated with Richard Avedon and Bill King photographs from Blackglama ads that Rogers masterminded."
Retired advertising executive Peter Rogers's antebellum house in New Orleans's French Quarter.
Interior design by Peter Rogers, Chuck Ransdell and Carl Palasota.
Photography by Eric Piasecki.
Text by Julia Reed.
"His Own Way" produced by Robert Rufino.

After reading how Peter Rogers was inspired by designer Elsie de Wolfe, I found some photos of her work, as depicted in her 1913 book, The House in Good Taste
  "Mrs. Ormond G. Smith's Trellis Room at Center Island, New York."
Interior design by Elsie de Wolfe.

"The Trellis Room in the Colony Club."
Interior design by Elsie de Wolfe.
Photo obtained from The Project Gutenberg Online: The House in Good Taste by Elsie de Wolfe (New York: The Century Co., 1913).

While looking for examples of modern-day treillage, I found photos of trellises created with wood, paint, wallpaper and fabric. Treillage adds texture and architectural interest to a room while maintaining a light air. Take a peek . . .

"Decorative painter Nic Valle ornamented Dinah's study with a trellis motif; the desk and upholstered chair are by Restoration Hardware, and the table lamp is from JF Chen."
The 1935 home of Dinah and Bill Ruch in Coldwater Canyon, Los Angeles [with] a "storied show-business past receives a chic restoration."
Interior design by Pamela Shamshiri of Commune.
Photography by Nikolas Koenig.
Text by Mayer Rus.
"Return Engagement" produced by Robert Rufino.
Architectural Digest (January 2013).

"For a garden feel in the sunroom of a Greenwich, Connecticut house, designer Ashley Whittaker had latticework applied to walls painted Pantone's Young Wheat. 'I think of the sunroom as a playful version of the more serious living room,' she says. 'Trellis was initially used strictly for garden design, but Elsie de Wolfe is credited with bringing it indoors in the early 1900s at the Colony Club in New York City. I love it because it creates the sense of an outdoor space. On a drab winter day you can be in there and feel like you're in a beautiful garden. It also adds personality and whimsy and architectural interest.' X-benches from Ballard Designs are covered in Kathryn M. Ireland's Casablanca. Wicker lounge chair, Bielecky Brothers. Montana rug, Cornell Carpet and Design."
Interior design by Ashley Whittaker.
Photography by James Merrell.
Interview by Hilary Robertson.
"Pretty,Poised, Happy" produced by Doretta Sperduto.
House Beautiful (September 2012).

"[Allison] Caccoma layered mirrored antique mercury glass under white lattice on the arch separating the breakfast room from the family room. The lattice gives the room a garden feel, and the glass's reflection brings the outdoors in."
 Interior design by Allison Caccoma.
Photography by Jonny Valiant.
House Beautiful (May 2009).

" 'The architectural detail in the kitchen is amazing,' says [Allison] Caccoma. 'Even the stove hood feels like some wonderful little European fireplace.' The range is Viking. Old American Halophane fixtures from Ann-Morris Antiques hang over the island."
 Interior design by Allison Caccoma.
Photography by Jonny Valiant.
House Beautiful (May 2009).

"To balance the diamond pattern on the walls, [Allison] Caccoma used softer lines and curves in the breakfast room's chandelier and chairs. The floral-like fabric, a Robert Kime suzani, provides a burst of color against the all-white kitchen and helps the space feel like an extension of the garden." 
Interior design by Allison Caccoma.
Photography by Jonny Valiant.
House Beautiful (May 2009).

"In this Moroccan-style family room, a small office is neatly tucked behind carved lattice doors, and the sofa pulls out for guests."
Manhattan maisonette.
Interior design by Christopher Maya.
Photography by Eric Piasecki.
House Beautiful (June 2008). 

"In the front hall, walls are covered in Lyford Lattice wallpaper in brown by Tom Scheerer for Quadrille. Scheerer designed the octagonal center table, skirting it in shrimp Oxford cloth from Baily and Griffin."
Photography by Christopher Baker.
House Beautiful (February 2007).

"In the powder room, which is lined with a trellis-pattern wallpaper by F. Schumacher, a Vaughan sconce is mounted above a Waterworks sink vanity."
North Carolina home of Melisse Shaban and Jane Elizabeth Phillips.
Architect/Interior designer: Russell Groves.
Photography by Simon Upton.
Text by Dan Shaw.
"Fresh Face" produced by Howard Christian.
Architectural Digest (November 2012). 

"The marble sink in the powder room of a home in Florida is set into an antique Victorian faux-bamboo dressing table, the ceramic seat is from Mecox Gardens, and the walls are papered in Lyford Trellis by China Seas."
Photography by William Waldron.
"Bathing Beauties"
Elle Decor (January 2007).

"Lively wallpaper by China Seas ['Trellis Background/Natural on Brown' - Quadrillewraps the room in a high-contrast cream-on-brown pattern with retro appeal. Vintage chairs are covered in 'Paradise Background' by Quadrille; the 'Barcelona Chandelier' above is from Broad Beach Lighting Company."
Interior design by homeowner Carmen Lopez, West Coast advertising director for People en Espanol magazine.
Photography by John Ellis.
"Exotic West Hollywood Home" written and produced by Elizabeth Beeler.
Traditional Home.

"Designed by American David Easton, Cole and Son's 'St. James Trellis' wallpaper covers the drawing room's walls. . . . Concealed doors in the mirrored wall lead to a spare bedroom."
"Anthony [Evans] is managing director of Cole and Son, the long-established British wallpaper manufacturer. Valerie [Evans] is an interior designer who got her start in the business more than 30 years ago by getting a job as a builder's mate and learning how to do plumbing and build cupboards."
"Anthony and Valerie Evans's London Flat"
Traditional Home.

Sitting area with en suite bath. "Turquoise velvet damask covers a fanciful chair and a geometric Osborne and Little wallpaper patterns the walls."
Wallpaper inside the paneling: "Kikko Trellis" by Osborne and Little.
Interior design by Jennifer Duneier, Duneier Design.
Photography by Peter Dressel.
"Holiday House Designer Showcase in Manhattan, 2011"
Traditional Home.

"The master bedroom's walls feature Kelly Wearstler's 'Modern Trellis' [Cirrus] wallpaper from Schumacher. Celeris Kemble's 'Hot House Flowers' is the printed linen on the bed. The small bedside chest is from Hickory Chair."
Little Rock, Arkansas, home of designer Tobi Fairley and her family.
Interior design by Tobi Fairley, Tobi Fairley Interior Design.
Photography by Werner Straube.
"Suburban House with Great Color" written and produced by Candace Ord Manroe.
Traditional Home.

Triannon vase and pedestal in garden of Philippe Le Manach, owner and designer of Accents of France.
"Le Manach established Accents of France in Los Angeles in 1995; the business now employs 16 skilled craftsmen. Working in cedar, iroko, and other woods, as well as steel and aluminum, the studio produces treillage panels, planters, urns, benches, tables, and lighting. Le Manach also specializes in custom installations beloved by such designers as Charlotte Moss and Bunny Williams."
Photography by Amanda Marsalis.
"Cross Current" by David A. Keeps.
Elle Decor (June 2012).

"Black wall sconces and glossy moldings add drama to a fresh, green-and-white color scheme. 'This image has been used as a reference for many design projects,' says Emma gates, a Boston interior designer . . . 'The rustic wide-plank floors and Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis wallpaper and simple, yet a combination you won't forget! Entryways are a great place to have fun with color and pattern. They introduce you to a home, so make sure yours makes a statement!' "
Chloe Sevigny's entryway.
Photo source: House and Garden via Canada House and Home.

"An attic office with flair - thanks to fretwork fabric shades and the dormer's architecture."
San Francisco Edwardian built in 1900. Home of Anna and Mason Morfit.
Interior design by Melissa Warner, Massucco Warner Miller.
Renovation architects: Robert Stiles and Charlie Barnett.
Photography by Werner Straube.
"Color Coded" written and produced by Sabine Rothman.
Traditional Home (April 2010). 

"On main house's veranda, Diamond Baratta Design coffee table and latticework. Lannan Gallery porthole table. Paul Ferrante lantern. Custom sofa in Osborne and Little woven. Pillows and chairs in Clarence House fabric."
Renovated Cape Cod.
Interior design by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, Diamond Baratta Design [now called Anthony Baratta, LLC].
Photography by Tria Giovan.
"Whimsy by the Sea" by Elizabeth Gaynor.
Veranda (June 2008).

"Gracie restored the room's antique wallpaper, which once belonged to publisher Conde Nast; its design motif was hand-painted on the window shades."
Manhattan penthouse of Michael S. Smith and James Costos.
Interior design by Michael S. Smith.
Photography by Bjorn Wallander.
Text by Judith Thurman.
"L'Art de Vivre" produced by Carolina Irving.
Architectural Digest (September 2012).

 "A hand-painted trellis wallpaper by Gracie lines the sunroom; the burled-walnut dining table is 19th century, the painted shell-back chairs are from John Rosselli Antiques, and the topiary at left is planted in an antique urn from Treillage." 
Richmond, Virginia, home of Helga and Floyd D. Gottwald Jr.
Interior design by Bunny Williams.
Architect: Jay Hugo of 3north.
Photography by Pieter Estersohn.
Text by Dan Shaw.
"Sense and Sensibility" produced by Howard Christian.
Architectural Digest (January 2012).


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