I grew up in Houston, Texas, and I used to love the "Dandelion Fountain" on Allen Parkway:
Date: 1978. Bronze coated with lacquer.
Location: Buffalo Bayou Park (Allen Parkway near Waugh).
"The Worthams were inspired to commission the Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain after seeing a similar fountain in Australia. The fountain was designed by local architect, William Cannady and donated to the City of Houston by the Wortham Foundation and American General Insurance. The fountain, also affectionately called 'the dandelion fountain' is located in the 2900 block of Allen Parkway."
Photo via the City of Houston website.

Date: 1978. Bronze coated with lacquer.
Location: Buffalo Bayou Park (Allen Parkway near Waugh).
Designed by architect William Cannady.
"The fountain is comprised of a central bronze shaft with multiple bronze sprinkler pipes radiating out of a central hub. The pipes are equal in length giving the top portion of the fountain a spherical shape, which is reinforced by the surface of the sphere created by the spraying water."
Photo via the City of Houston website.

These Tony Duquette Dandelion light fixtures by Remains Lighting remind me of the Dandelion Fountain: 
"In keeping with Tony Duquette's decorative vision of exploding fireworks, starbursts, sunbursts and super novas, the new Dandelion fixtures by Remains Lighting are another example of his unique point of view. Duquette always insisted that his jeweled brooches could be blown up to become a chandelier… And vice versa…."
Hutton Wilkinson - President, Tony Duquette, Inc.
"Introducing the Duquette Dandelions
Remains Lighting Blog Post (June 30, 2014).

Tony Duquette "loved making beaded chandeliers for his clients and the Dandelion takes his idea of a fixture entirely made of flowers and turns one dandelion seed head into an entire decorative extravaganza. This new illuminated conversation piece for Remains Lighting takes a weed and turns it into one more of Duquette’s extraordinary ‘exclamation points’ for a room.” - Hutton Wilkinson - President, Tony Duquette, Inc.
Remains Lighting Blog Post (June 30, 2014).

A diamond and tsavorite garnet dandelion brooch by Tiffany and Co. sold by Christie's in New York on December 7, 2010 for $16,250. 

"Overhead dangles a 1950s American brass-and-crystal chandelier that looks like a giant dandelion, and one wall displays a portrait of a startlingly beautiful nun graced with a Brigitte Bardot pout. It’s artist Tony Scherman’s irreverent depiction of Catherine Millet, the author of the racy 2002 memoir The Sexual Life of Catherine M."
Apartment of Milly designer Michelle Smith and her family.
Photography by Roger Davies.
Styling by Carlos Mota.
"Thoroughly Modern Milly"
Elle Decor.

 "In the dining room, vintage William Haines brass chairs and a George Nelson table by Herman Miller." The nine-foot-tall dandelion sculpture is "a 1960s knockoff of a Bertoia sculpture. The original is made of steel with a marble base. But this one is set in a stump, and looks like a hippie made it in his backyard."
Los Angeles home of fashion designer Trina Turk.
Photography by Roger Davies. 
"Case Study" by Christine Lennon.
Elle Decor.

Oversize Dandelion Sculpture in Brass by Curtis Jere. Circa 1970s.
"The dandelion form was a popular motif for Jere and can be found in a range of smaller sizes intended to be displayed on a table or pedestal. This oversize version is much more uncommon. Standing 51" tall, it's an impressive piece and adds a shimmering excitement to any interior."
Offered by Pegboard Modern via 1stDibs.

Caspari Make a Wish Card offered by Gump's.

Venetian Dandelion Chandelier.
"A beautiful brass and blown glass chandelier with over 160 glass elements. 12 light sources. Restored. Originally installed in an Italian resort. A Venini design. Rewired. Date of manufacture: 1960."
Offered by Kerson 20th Century Design via 1stDibs.

"Judge These Books By Their Covers"
House and Garden.

"Dandelions" by Hugo Guinness.
45" by 64"
Offered by John Derian.

Dandelion, 2010 by Takashi Tomo-oka.
Photo credit: Takashi Tomo-oka, Courtesy of Ippodo Gallery NY.
"Art Show: Takashi Tomo-oka" by Vicky Lowry.
Elle Decor.

"A canopy bed by Niermann Weeks in Adelaide’s room is draped in a Perennials fabric, and the bedding is by Leontine Linens; the chandelier is 1960s Italian, and the silk wall panels are by de Gournay."
Interior design by Nate Berkus.
Photography by Roger Davies.
Styling by Stephen Pappas.
"High Style in Florida" by Mitchell Owens.
Elle Decor.

Dandelion Orbit Chandelier offered by Anthropologie.

"Dandelion" on wool voile.
Offered by Timorous Beasties.

"In the kitchen garden, lettuces, basil, chard, and dandelion greens populate the raised beds."
Ohio farm of Page and Greg Price.
Photography by Max Kim-Bee.
"Inside a Collected Ohio Farmhouse" by Ada Calhoun.
Country Living.

"Trust Florence Welch to wear one of the Met Ball’s most eccentric outfits. The singer certainly made an entrance in this 3D Dandelion embroidered organza tiered dress, courtesy of Alexander McQueen. In fact her entire outfit was by the designer, including her Armadillo heel sandals and knuckle box clutch."
Photo credit: Rex Features.
"Met Ball: All The Dresses"
Glamour Magazine UK (May 2012).

"Clear Quartz Dandelion Votive" offered by Plantation Design.

"Dandelion Clocks" wallpaper by Sanderson "is a fun and funky 50s retro design. Stylized dandelion heads with seeds radiating from a central point are printed in four off-beat color combinations."
Other colorways available.

"Dandelion Embroidery" by Sanderson.
Ivory/orange fabric. Other colorways available.

Dandelion Puff Pillow offered by RH Baby and Child.
"Nothing captivates the imagination quite like the perfect circular shape and wonderful puffiness of a real dandelion, although our appliquéd pillows – with their buoyant, ruffled pom-poms – come close."
In petal, grey, white, lilac or pool.

Dandelion Art offered by RH Baby and Child.
"Dandelions delight children by being easy to find, soft and puffy to the touch and, as legend has it, promising granted wishes when all the spores are blown away. Our art celebrates that magic while bringing an antique-inspired element of décor to the walls."

Printed Linens: Dandelion Natural White - offered by Allegra Hicks.

"Switzerland-based artist Regine Ramseier created this lovely installation made entirely of dandelions. About 2,000 of these ephemeral plants were gathered near the artist's home and installed on the ceiling of a gallery, creating an indoor meadow one can wander beneath."
Photo via Regine Ramseier via Apartment Therapy.
"Green Style: Dandelion Installation" by Leela Cyd.
Apartment Therapy.

The First Dandelion
Simple and fresh and fair from winter's close
As if no artifice of fashion, business, politics,
      had ever been,
Forth from its sunny nook of shelter'd grass—
      innocent, golden, calm as the dawn,
The spring's first dandelion shows its trustful
Walt Whitman
New York Herald (March 12, 1888).


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