John Dickinson: Primitive Elegance John Dickinson: Primitive Elegance

There's a fine line between being amusing and being eccentric. John Dickinson (1920 - 1982) John Dickinson, the late San Francisco desig...

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8:29 PM

Black and White Black and White

Black and white. Perfect for the kitchen, the bath, a foyer or a gracious curving stair. Perfect even for circus tents, or the illusion of o...

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6:55 PM

Gracie Wallpaper Gracie Wallpaper

One way to make a room truly special is to cover the walls with Gracie’s hand-painted wallpaper. Gracie is a family-run business that Charl...

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8:30 AM

Artist Easels Artist Easels

Hanging art can be intimidating to many people. They are afraid of making a mistake and ending up with a wall full of nail holes. They are u...

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3:44 PM

Framed Framed

Sometimes art doesn't need a frame. One way to make an interior more modern and less formal is to take a painting out of its frame and j...

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7:39 PM