Mora Clock from Tone on Tone.
Bethesda, Maryland townhouse of Loi Thai and Thomas Troeschel, owners of Tone on Tone.
Interior design by Loi Thai.
Photography by Erik Johnson.
Traditional Home.

Moscow penthouse of designer and architect Dmitry Velikovsky.
Photography by Tim Beddow.
Styled by Howard Christian. 
Architectural Digest (May 2012).

 Morton Monberg clock.
Living room set of Something's Gotta Give.
Set design by Beth Rubino.
Architectural Digest.

Home of antiques buyer Furlow Gatewood.
Renovation, interior design and landscape design by Furlow Gatewood.
Photography by Max Kim-Bee. 
Veranda (May - June 2011).

A grandfather clock and Zuber et Cie's "Les Courses de Chevaux" wallpaper make a striking statement in the entrance hall of a Chicago apartment on Lake Shore Drive. 
Interior design by Melanie Elston.
Photography by Werner Straube,
Traditional Home (May 2011).

19th-century Swedish Mora clock in kitchen of Coconut Grove, Florida villa.
Interior design by Jenny Peters and Rachel Mbiango.
Photography by Tria Giovan.
Southern Accents (March - April 2009).

Manoir de Berthouville, the Normandy, France home of Boston designer Charles Spada.
Renovation and interior design by Charles Spada.
Photography by Alexandre Bailhache 
Veranda (January - February 2012).

Paris apartment of fashion designer Andrew Gn.
Interior design by Andrew Gn.
Photography by Simon Upton. 
Elle Decor (October 2011).

19th-century clock from Normandy.
Manhattan apartment of antiques dealer Liza Sherman.
Photography by Simon Upton. 
Elle Decor (November 2011).

 Swedish clock is from Liza Sherman Antiques.
Fairfield County, Connecticut home of Liz and Chris Pollack.
Architecture by Joel Barkley of Ike Kligerman Barkley.
Interior design by Alexa Hampton of Mark Hampton.
Photography by Durston Saylor.
Architectural Digest (June 2011).

Dining room features grandfather clock and Gracie wallpaper depicting scenes of Ottoman Empire in Beverly Hills home of Kevin Huvane.
Renovation by Oscar Shamamian and Brian Covington of Ferguson & Shamamian Architects and designer Michael S. Smith. 
Photography by Scott Frances.
Architectural Digest (July 2012).

 19th-century Swedish longcase clock.
Home of Mark Gaudette and Ioannis Mamoulakis on Greek island of Paros.
Architecture by Torsten Bessel and Dimitris Vathrakokoilis.
Photography by Derry Moore.
Architectural Digest (January 2011).

 Library featuring late-19th-century Swedish clock.
Manhattan apartment of Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels.
Interior design by Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt of Brockschmidt and Coleman.
Photography by Roger Davies.
Architectural Digest (December 2011).

Living room of a Naples, Italy apartment.
Interior design by Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini of Studio Peregalli.
Photography by Oberto Gili.
Styled by Howard Christian. 
Architectural Digest (December 2011).

Roger Lussier's Boston home.
Interior design by Roger Lussier.
Photography by Thibault Jeanson.


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