We all have things to hide, don't we? Sometimes a skirt can provide the solution to our storage needs. Perfect for small spaces, mudrooms and bathrooms, a swathe of fabric can stylishly conceal cleaning supplies, toiletries, office equipment or awkward architectural features that might be costly or impossible to correct. Other skirts - such as those draping a vanity table - have nothing to hide. They add romance to a room or softness to a space.
"Linen skirting 'makes the butler's pantry pretty' while hiding two wine coolers and an 18-inch dishwasher." 
Home of antiques dealer Jeannette Whitson.
Interior design by Jeannette Whitson.
Photography by Simon Watson.
House Beautiful (June 2013).

 "A skylight gives the mudroom the air of a conservatory. The soapstone sink is used for flower arranging and bathing the family's two King Charles spaniels, who come in and out through a louvered dog door at the base of the floor-to-ceiling cabinets."
Home of antiques dealer Jeannette Whitson.
Interior design by Jeannette Whitson.
Photography by Simon Watson.
House Beautiful (June 2013).

"Country kitchens are rarely more charming than this. A skirted sink area, where white drawers and shelves pop against the black trim, is filled with vessels and blooms in various stages of arrangements. The effect is casual and, yes, cozy . . . "

"Fig vines growing wild in the kitchen."
John and Carolyn Malone's restored antebellum dwelling near Madison, Georgia.
Photography by Emily Followill.

 "Brother sewing machine, wall storage and spacious work surfaces."
Craft and laundry room.
2012 Princess Margaret Showhouse in Oakville, Ontario.
Photography and text by Seema Persaud.
Canadian House and Home (October 4, 2012).

" 'I had a minimal budget but I really wanted beams in the ceiling,' Andy says. 'My builder had the great idea to use split rail posts. It's exactly the look I wanted.' "
"An Excerpt From Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux."
Kansas City home of Andy Newcom.
Interior design by Andy Newcom.
 Lonny (March - April 2011).

"A skirted sink and open shelves - arranged and edited with sculptural precision - make the most of a tiny kitchen."
West Village apartment of painter Mary Nelson Sinclair.
Interior design by Mary Nelson Sinclair.
Photography by Patrick Cline.
Art direction by Michelle Adams.
"Bright Young Things" written by Robert Leleux.
Lonny (October 2012). 

"A playful pink window valence and sink skirt celebrate the casual air of the tropics in the laundry room."
Southern California home of interior designer Wendi Young and family.
Interior design by homeowner Wendi Young, Wendi Young Design.
Photography by James Carriere.
Written by Sarah Egge.

 "Charm was the operative word as Jennifer Markanich created a multifunctional mudroom, which serves as a back entry from the garage. A utility sink skirted with a yellow, cream, and gray paisley fabric carries the charm banner, but it's super functional as well. A wide drainboard makes it a good work surface when loading laundry into the nearby washer and dryer. Shelves above the sink are stocked with vases, simplifying flower arranging. And for a fun twist on traditional, the designer covered a modern Philippe Starck 'Ghost Chair' in paisley fabric." 
O'More College of Design Showhouse in Franklin, Tennessee.
Design: Jennifer Markanich, Timeless Interiors.
Photography by Werner Straube.
"Living on Campus" written by Amy Elbert.
Traditional Home (July - August 2013).

"In kitchen, DCS stove-oven. Legend Valve pot filler. French 19th-c. store counter as island. Table with skirt, wine cage, lantern and chair, all vintage. KitchenAid refrigerator. Price Pfister faucetry. French 19th-c. round table."
Interior design by Donna Temple Brown, The Gray Door.
Design consultation by Pamela Pierce, Pierce Designs and Associates.
Photography by Casey and Anne Sills.
Text by Kimberlie Waugh-Bloodworth.
"A Little Shop Talk" produced by Mary Jane Ryburn and Tara Shaw.
Veranda (January - February 2009).

 "A skirted table hides the husband's printer and fax machine in the living room alcove, which he uses as an office. Italian garden print from Lillian August."
Home in Nantucket.
Interior design by John Willey.
Photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

 "In a vintage bathroom, cover a standard sink with a toile skirt to make a design statement."
"Decorating Ideas: Toile Fabric" by Candace Ord Manroe.

"In order to hide the piping, Ross crafted a skirt with dish towels that cost a dollar apiece, finishing them off with a grosgrain ribbon trim across the hem so they appear seamless."
Millerton, New York, farmhouse of Eddie Ross.
Interior design by Eddie Ross.
Photography by Patrick Cline.
Styled by Michelle Adams.
"Country Chic" written by Shawn Gauthier.
Lonny (October - November 2009). 

"Pottery Barn sconces and an antique French repousse mirror add a little romance to the master bath. The sink is skirted in smoky gray-and-white silk from The Silk Trading Company."
Designer Windsor Smith's Los Angeles home.
Interior design by Windsor Smith.
Photography by Victoria Pearson.

"In the bathroom, a custom shower curtain in Ralph Lauren Home's Sutherland Herringbone pairs handsomely with a Jim Thompson toile lavatory skirt and the rather unexpected pink tile."
Designer Scot Meacham Wood's San Francisco apartment.
Interior design by Scot Meacham Wood.
Photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy.
Interview by Frances Schultz.
"Highland Fling" produced by Doretta Sperduto.
House Beautiful (December - January 2014).

"Rather than tear out unsightly wall tile, designer T. Keller Donovan hid it behind pleated cotton hung from a ceiling-mounted track. The same fabric skirts the vanity."
Interior design by T. Keller Donovan.
Photography by Ken Hayd.
House Beautiful (July 2010).

"Table skirt in Silk Trading Company stripe. Venetian 19th-century mirror. French chair in linen. Custom linen curtains. Sisal rug by Creative Flooring."
Provence-style farmhouse in California.
Interior design by Renea Abbott of Shabby Slips.
Building design by Michael Layne.
Landscape architecture by John L. Wong.
Photography by Roger Davies.
Text by Degen Pener.
“Passion for Provence for a California Family” produced by Mary Jane Ryburn.
Veranda (September 2007).

"I painted the room lilac, another one of those non-colors. The curtains are all oyster-colored Belgian linen. And we dressed up her vanity by lacquering the mirror and skirting the table with a royal blue and white taffeta stripe that goes truly beautifully with that lilac. This is not your classic blue and white room. It's sweet and understated."
Bedroom of college-aged daughter in 1920s Mediterranean house in San Francisco.
Interior design by Myra Hoefer.
Photography by Tim Street-Porter.
Produced by Katherine Pearson.
"Color is Dreamy" interview by Mimi Read.
House Beautiful (March 2007).

Another view of the vanity.
Durham Park Stripe in blue and cream by Silk Trading Co. is the fabric used for the antique vanity's skirt. Walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Misty Memories.
Bedroom of college-aged daughter in 1920s Mediterranean house in San Francisco.
Interior design by Myra Hoefer.
Photography by Tim Street-Porter.
Produced by Katherine Pearson.
"Color is Dreamy" interview by Mimi Read.
House Beautiful (March 2007).

" 'The white linen sofa and dressing table with the white shell mirror add to the overall serenity of the bedroom,' says Whittaker. Wallpaper by Nina Campbell through Osborne and Little. Floral print for vanity skirt and pillows, Cowtan and Tout."
Interior design by Ashley Whittaker.
Photography by Eric Piasecki.
"A Makeover with Color" by Frances Schultz.
House Beautiful (February 2008).

"In the master bedroom, a green curtain piped in raspberry divides a window seat and a small skirted vanity."
Interior design by Meg Braff.
Photography by Simon Upton.
"Living Color" by Mimi Read.
House Beautiful (June 2007).

Ivory cabinets with crystal knobs and teal edging.
Vanity skirt and chair trim in "Este"/Turquoise on Tinted Linen by Alan Campbell.
Fabric on chair front is "Zig Zag"/Brown on Tinted Linen by Alan Campbell.
San Francisco Showhouse (2007).
Interior design by Kendall Wilkinson of Kendall Wilkinson Design
Photography by Andrew McKinney.
Text by Krissa Rossbund.
"Statements of Style 2007" produced by Heather Lobdell.

"If you have a small kitchen and entertain frequently, set up a small table away from the kitchen. In her home's entryway, [Melanie] Pounds chose a skirted console table to display books and flowers for everyday use. When she entertains. she uses it as a bar or serving table. 'There's less congestion in the galley kitchen and dining room. It saved us!' "
1,400 square-foot Alabama cottage.
Interior design by Melanie Pounds.
Photography by Thomas Loof.
House Beautiful (July 2010). 

"For subtle impact, [designer Robert] Brown skirted a table in the entry hall with an overscale silk damask - Zoffany's Nureyev in Ivory. 'It's a huge pattern,' says Brown. 'If it were a solid, it would be no big deal, just a place to put a lamp on.' "
Interior design by Robert Brown.
Photography by James Merrell.
"Old-World Style in a New Atlanta Home" by Lisa Cregan.
House Beautiful (August 2009).

"Dress up functional storage with a tailored table skirt. Fresh green fabric makes this sideboard pop. Black occasional chairs offer contrast and symmetry, not to mention additional seating."
Interior design by Stacy Begg.
Photography by Kim Jeffery.
Canadian House and Home (September 2011). 


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