“I admire everything that is useless, frivolous and whimsical. . . . I do not agree with the dictum that houses are supposed to be ‘machines to live in’. For me, the house and it’s [sic] objects is supposed to be some crazy place that make [sic] you laugh.”

Quote from Pedro Friedeberg, creator of the “Hand” chair
Pedro Friedeberg Hand chair in "chamber of curiosities" in the
San Antonio, Texas home of designer Gwynn Griffith.
Photography by William Waldron.
Elle Decor (September 2011).

Vintage "Hand" chairs.
Home of Ashley Stark, creative director of Stark.
Photography by Eric Piasecki.
Elle Decor (December 2011).

 Home office of designer Kelly Wearstler.
Elle Decor.

 Pedro Friedeberg Hand chair from the 1980s.
Manhattan apartment designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts.
Photography by William Waldron.
Elle Decor (November 2011).

 Palm Beach home of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.
Photography by Colleen Duffley.
Metropolitan Home.

Pedro Friedeberg Hand chair provides "shine".
Interior design by Heather Moore for Jed Johnson Associates.
Photography by Thomas Loof.
House Beautiful (November 2011).

A gilt hand sculpture by Pedro Friedeberg.
Manhattan pied-à-terre of designer Todd Alexander Romano.
Photography by Thomas Loof.
Elle Decor (February 2011).


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