In honor of the 2012 Olympics that begin in London next week and in belated tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee last month, I share some images of both the Union Jack and Britain’s monarch. The Sex Pistols art is just for fun; I included it to contrast two images featuring safety pins: the anarchy image and Ann Carrington’s rendering of the Queen called “Heads She Wins”.

I have great respect for Queen Elizabeth, especially after reading Sally Bedell Smith’s Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch. Despite the privileges of royalty, the Queen lives a life that is not really hers. She has devoted herself to her country for sixty years, taking on a tremendous job at a very young age. American presidents and British prime ministers have come and gone since the days of Winston Churchill and Harry S. Truman, but Queen Elizabeth continues to wear the crown.

Mixed media: safety pins, chains and needles on canvas.

More safety pins . . .
"This distressed Union Jack Flag image appeared on promotional posters and adverts for the Sex Pistols' debut single on EMI Records in November 1976."

Antique sofa reupholstered in reproduction of Union Jack
Featured in Traditional Home (June 2012).

Chest by Foundry in Washington, D.C.
Elle Decor (April 2012).

Wine room by Carol Egan and Wayne Nathan.
Traditional Home. Hampton Designer Showhouse 2010.
"The Union Jack blacksplash is constructed from Irish blue limestone - honed, polished, and distressed to create a subtle image of the British flag."

Hunter made these boots using a vintage Union Jack flag as the base.

 "Queen Elizabeth II" by Andy Warhol.
National Portrait Gallery.

Medium: gold buttons on velvet.

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee


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