An article in today’s Wall Street Journal ("Coach Comes Around to Reclaim Its Iconic Look") discusses Coach handbags and the debut of some of the brand’s revamped classics. I used to love Coach. It was my go-to choice for classic leather bags that were tasteful and well-made. They were a quality investment, not a guilty splurge, and the rich leather aged beautifully. Then cheaper purses plastered with the Coach logo began to appear everywhere. Coach had become crass.  

I still own six “classic” Coach bags, including this navy case that I use to transport my laptop.

The Wall Street Journal article pictures the original and the updated “duffel” bags. Here is mine in mahogany. I bought it in the 1990s. The new version features a cell phone pocket, which should be handy. My Droid always falls to the bottom of my classic duffel.

I always loved the colors of the Coach bags. Mahogany was a favorite, as was British Tan, the color of my two bags pictured below. I have not been a fan of the newer styles, but perhaps the updated classics will tempt me once again.

What do you think of Coach?
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